Terms and Conditions


The terms and conditions are to be applied on Get Spliced website trading under the ABN 86 935 621 038. You agree to comply by these terms and conditions when you use our website and in the case that you don’t we recommend you not to use the website for any purpose.



Except to the extent permitted by the law, the website and its contents do not offer any kind of warrant on level of satisfaction and effectiveness on applicability. The content and information available on the website are, therefore, for general information uses only and not to be used for advice purposes.

Only to the extent required by the law, we do not offer warrant to the information on the website to be current, reliable, complete, accurate and adequate on serving its usefulness and achieving user’s needs. We do not warrant to any interruptions or short downs of the website on sustainability to personal security from threats and viruses from supporting website servers and facilities.

We have the right and without notice to suspend a part or the whole website without suffering from liability.

The website may contain other websites links and third-party information which we offer no warrant on their suitability. You will be using them at your own risk as we have no control to the content they produce. We offer no warrant to information or products advertised in the websites and thus, deciding to access them is at your own risk.


Limitation of Liability

Using the website is at your own risk. Our responsibility on the conditions are limited to those stated by the applicable law. Neither of our staff nor partners in the creation and sustainability of the website will be accountable to any direct or indirect damages, due to the use or inability to use the website. None of our team members will be responsible for any threats to your personal security, your exposure or infectiveness of the information on the website, despite being warned of damages associated with it.


Obligations of users

Ensuring that your access to the website is legal and allowed by all laws applying to you.

Taking necessary precautions to protect yourself from possible risks to your personal security and damages from exposure and access to the website’s content and available links.

Never misuse the website or its supporting systems and never hack into the website or avoid security features of the website which would interfere with the functionality of the website.

You must not conduct activities which would lead to an unreasonable burden to websites systems.

You agree to protect the website and its supporting staff against any blames which may be imposed due to your failure in complying with the set terms and conditions of the website.


Intellectual Property

We own all the copyrights of the contents on the website. Unless indicated otherwise, the content is only for personal and informational purposes but not for any or related commercial purposes.

You are not allowed to modify or use the content in the website in any activity or related activity to distributing, licensing, transmitting, displaying, performing, reproducing, publishing, copying, transferring or selling of the content unless as authorized by applicable copyrights.

You are required to request permission to reuse any copyrighted materials available on the website except allowed by laws on copyrighted materials. It's prohibited to use the copyrighted content in other websites or network environments or removal of trademarks of the content in the website.

Any downloaded software from the website is licensed by us to you. Any incorporated in, and generated files or images by the software, remain to be under our license. We do not transfer the title of the software to you by using the software but you only own the medium which the software operates on. Only as indicated under the copyright laws, you are not allowed to change the functionality of the software to your own commercial benefit or anything to reduce it.


Restricted Use

The access of this website is only for personal use unless agreed otherwise.

You are unable to sell or use the information obtained from this website for non-personal use unless we grant you permission to do so.


Privacy Policy

As provided on the website, we are obliged to comply with our privacy policy terms. Using this website confirms that you have read our policy on privacy.

When delivering the website to you, we may use cookies which are stored on the hard drive of your computer.

Current users of our website are not required to register to gain accessibility of the website but we retain the right to make the users register in future. In case we are to implement registration, we will fully commit in compliance with privacy legislation with respect to user’s information.


Security of Information

We commit to securing and protecting all information transmitted to us but we are unable to fully protect or warrant the security of such information. The use of data over the internet is subject to risk. Any data you transmit to us is sent at your own risk.


Terms and Conditions are subject to change

Any future change to the above terms and conditions will be effective immediately. All actions you take on the website represent an agreement to the terms and conditions at the time of use.